Mixing Systems for The Biotech Industry

With a large range of mixing operations in today’s pharma processes from liquid blending to complex emulsion, engineers need a soultion across all levels within the pharma and biotech industries. White Mountain Process’s mixing expertise offer solutions that will improve production, saving time and money.

Most importantly, White Mountain Process’ experts can help you develop a system which meets important guidelines for pharmaceutical mixing applications, such as:

  • cGMP
  • CIP (Clean in Place)
  • SIP (Sterilizing in Place)
  • ASME BPE Standard for Bioprocessing
  • USP Class VI
  • FDA CFR Good Manufacturing Practices

WMP’s Hygienic designs meet tough sanitary and safety standards for GMP facilities. We only use FDA approved materials along with many that are 3-a certified and comply with strict cGMP requirements. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), QA and full validation documentation packages are available

Your Source for GMP biopharma ready sanitary mixers (top/bottom/side)

Get the the best specific blending and mixing GMP biopharma ready mixer designed for your unique application and facility. White Mountain Process manufactures affordable, high quality custom mixing systems for all types of sanitary mixing applications, including:

● Sanitary agitation
● Biopharmaceuticals
● Food and beverage
● Aseptic mixing applications

Meet the highest sanitary standards for cGMP mixing and blending.

Our specialists can help your team design a sanitary mixer to meet your specific, stringent standards for a wide variety of applications. Our know-how can also help you maintain consistent results, improve overall efficiency, and reduce downtime. Whether your application is sanitary agitation, biopharma, cosmetics or food and beverage, our products can be scaled for large or small scale production.

Custom design and manufacture can benefit your overall production process. We work with you to discuss your application, material properties, and desired process.
Types of mixers

White Mountain Process offers a variety of mixers, including top, bottom and side entry, depending on the media and desired output for CGMP biopharma mixing.

Closed Top Mixers – specializing in ultra light weight and compact SANITARY MINI MIXERS.

Our top mount sanitary mixers come with either Tri Clamp ferrule mounts or flange mounting options to fit most biopharma tanks and vessels. We also include an integrated GMP seal or mechanical seal for vapor-tight and pressurized reactor applications. WMP’s top mixers and Tri Clamp mounts can be used on poly or stainless steel mixtanks. for closed vessel systems, and systems can be manufactured to suit a wide range of output options – from small laboratory scale, to production-sided applications.

Bottom Entry Mixers – sealed or mag drive

For faster mixing and ultra low blending capabilities, consider our bottom entry mixer for your sanitary mixing station. Great for low shear blending, high speed agitation, bottom mixers typically mix 1-6 times faster to achieve full mixing compared to traditional top entry tank mixers. Enjoy easier tank access as well as faster Clean in Place (CIP), which means less down time between batches. Our bottom entry models feature either a mechanically sealed tank mixer, or a bottom mount mag drive mixer which is sealless.

Side Entry Mixers

When it comes to sanitary mixing, most side entry mixers are most commonly used for storage tank mixing, and for food and beverage mixing. WMP offers customized side mount agitators, depending on your application and specifications. Our gear drive, side entering mixers are highly scaleable and can be configured to blend small or large batches ranging from 50 gallons to 1 million gallons.

Built for custom applications, and built to last

White Mountain Process mixers are built for rugged, reliable use. Our sanitary mixers offer durability and versatility for just about any sanitary mixing application and scale.

Constructed to meet or exceed cGMP standards, our mixers are designed to be used in the most sterile environments, for the most demanding production requirements. For easier CIP, lightweight yet durable construction, and reliable mixing, contact a specialist at White Mountain Process to create a custom quote for your next project.